Diopoly is a place to buy, sell and offer certain products listed with a fixed price.  Diopoly has no direct involvement in any transactions between the buyer and seller.  This means that Diopoly has no responsibility or control over any aspect of any transaction.  Diopoly does not carry out any checks on users or their content and or details.  Diopoly cannot guarantee any completion of any transaction relating to either the buyer or seller.  

Conditions of Membership:  

Members must be aged 18 years or older unless under the supervision of a parent or guardian.  

It is the users responsibility to comply with all laws, rules and regulations within each country and or principality relating to all transactions.

Diopoly will not be held liable for any damage to any persons as a result of using this site or as result of having any association with this site.

Diopoly will only accept PayPal as a payment method and any disputes between all transactions must be resolved with PayPal.

Diopoly reserves the right to refuse any service, de-activate, modify and or delete accounts to anyone at any time for any reason.

Members are solely responsible for the accuracy and integrity of any listing, including compliance with the law and Diopoly’s listing policies .  We encourage sellers to list shipping (which must be within reasonable limits) and returns policies.


How the Fees work:  

It is free to list any item or service; a small commission is added  to the seller’s listing price.  This is subject to change at any time without any warning.


Listing Terms & Conditions:  

Listings CANNOT include ANY links to pages outside of Diopoly.  This includes, but is not limited to, text, images, logos or icons.

Must not infringe on any form of intellectual property rights or conflict with other seller’s businesses or shops.

Must be free of all obscenity, racism and child pornography.

Must not contain or be constructed of any code that has a damaging impact, or will cause any detriment to any of the site, including hacking, modification, adaptation, the recording of personal data or any false impersonation of this site.

Must not produce lible against Diopoly.