Learn How to Sell on Diopoly

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What can you sell?

  • Physical goods

    You can sell anything that you can ship to the buyers on purchase.

  • Sell Digital products

    You can sell digital products like e-books, manuals, pdfs that can be downloaded on purchase.

  • Music

    You can even sell your own songs, jingles, .. . Provide the preview sound and on purchase provide the full version to be downloaded.

  • Video

    You can also sell your videos, logos and others. Provide the preview in the video format and on purchase provide the full version to be downloaded.

How does it work?

  • List item

    You list the item/deal for free.  The site adds a small commission to the listing.

    You decide whether you want to offer your item as a limited time deal at the time of listing.  If you decide to offer a deal at any other time, this is fine too.

    Now you have listed your item/deal, it’s time to tell people about it!  Choose which deals and items you want to tell people about via our Automatic Social Plugin feature, allowing you to access social networks.
  • Get paid

    Shoppers find your item/deal and pay.

  • Ship item

    You ship the item/deal to your customer.

Why sell with us

Sellers, now you have the ability to tell people about your item/deal via our Automatic Social Plugin feature.  Don’t just list anymore, tell people about it as well.  Your item/deal will reach the ideal customer for your products via the use of social media.


Sellers the site will highlight the best items and deals listed.  You are rewarded by offering value to potential buyers.  No need to advertise, pay for highlighting, SEO etc.


Able to offer a flash sale/deal, buyers will know as soon as possible that you are offering the cheapest price.


Sellers you can instantly see which of your competitors is offering the cheapest price.


Sellers, you don’t have anything to lose.  If your product doesn’t sell you haven’t lost anything.